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WTF is “Crack Coffee” and why is everyone obsessed? Raleigh Raw, explained.

We'd never play favorites, but it’s hard to hide our love for Raleigh Raw. Here at Offline, we’re all about their picture-perfect poke bowls, local art, ‘gram ready juices and crack coffee. But we also get that the intimidation factor here can be high (those tattoos...that jargon... and like, what even is spirulina?)

So, because we’re Raleigh Raw groupies, we’re spreading the love and letting you in on our not-so-secret obsession—take a deep breath and dive in. Soon enough, you’ll be throwing back Kombucha Cocktails with the rest of us. 

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Their stuff isn't just Instagram bait. It isn’t just good for you. It's damn delicious. BUT you don’t have to be a die-hard health nut to get in on this goodness. Not sure where to start on their menu? We gotchu.

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MENU 101

  • For sushi fans (or anyone looking to rack up likes on their feed), the poke bowls are an absolute must. As OG pioneers of the poke craze, these guys know what they’re doing. You can DIY one for yourself or trust the pros and order an expertly crafted one off the menu. 
  • We tend to opt for the classic Green smoothie, but if you're craving a taste of the tropics, go for the Colacaldo. Trust us that it's everything those resort Pina Coladas wish they could be: featuring fresh, raw coconut meat, pineapple, Himalayan sea salt and avocado, it's already healthy AF. But if you want to kick it up a notch, toss in some healthy add-ons. They've got everything from bee pollen to hemp seed (we’ll leave it to RR pro to explain the wonders of what these can do for your bod). 
  • If you're in a rush, they've got a whole grab n' go case full of options: Coconut Ceviche, smoothie bowls (pro tip: the Khaleesi bowl is blindingly bright and colorful), chia pudding and even truffles that, yes, are still somehow good for you. 

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Yeah, juice is kinda a “thing” here. Our faves?

  • The Cashbah tastes like the milk leftover from a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Need we say more?
  • Make your OJ jealous with a glass of Morning Glory. It’s a citrusy carrot juice with enough Vitamin C, to keep you cold-immune for weeks.
  • If you're hungover, a bottle of Coal World is the answer to your prayers. It’s pitch black, full of raw coconut water, tastes like lightly-sweetened lemonade and—after a particularly rough night—is a total godsend thanks to its activated charcoal.

photo via @raleighraw

 They’ve got super buzz-worthy stuff you won’t find anywhere else in the Triangle:

Crack coffee: There’s a reason Crack Coffee fans are obsessed—it’s creamy, indulgent and makes you feel like a superhero. Add coconut oil and grass-fed butter to a cup of freshly-brewed Raleigh Coffee Co. coffee and you’ve got yourself a totally addicting breakfast substitute that promises to keep you alert and energized until lunch. Without getting too science-y on you, the idea is that the fat does two things: helps you steadily absorb caffeine and gets more efficiently utilized by your brain. TL;DR: Coffee + fat = good

CBD oil: made from the Cannabis plant, CBD oil is now legal in 29 states (including NC, obvi). To answer your first question: it doesn't have any psychoactive properties (meaning, no, it won't get you high). What it reportedly will do is help with anything/everything from chronic pain to inflammation to anxiety. Fans of CBD oil claim it’s nectar of the gods. Get a few drops added to the drink of your choice and let us know if they’re right.

Kava Kava Tea: stressed out?  A cup of Kava tea is basically nature’s Xanax. It is definitely an acquired taste, but once the calm washes over you, you’ll forget all about its woody flavor.

photo via @raleighraw

Oh, and everything they serve is free of is gluten, soy, and refined sugar. It's paleo, ketogenic, and macro-friendly (I.E. it’s heaven for anyone with dietary or allergy issues). 

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WTF is “Crack Coffee” and why is everyone obsessed? Raleigh Raw, explained.
WTF is “Crack Coffee” and why is everyone obsessed? Raleigh Raw, explained.