27,000+ Ways to Eat Healthy at Morgan Street Food Hall

We poured over all the menus, crunched all numbers, lab tested for all the nutritional values, and...ok, ok, ok, you caught us. We did none of that. 

Let it be known we did start strong, entering right on Morgan St, with the FULL intention of doing our due diligence and finding you all MSFH’s healthy options. But the first spot we stopped at was Sassool and they sort of had the whole shebang covered so we just...stopped there. Plus, MSFH’s Sassool is our February Premium Partner so we wanted to tell you how cool they are anyway. Now we’ve killed two birds with one stone. 

This spot’s their third location and the menu consists of all their tried and true customer favorites. There are 25+ freshly prepared, produce-heavy salads, sides and entrees that you can order in an almost innumerable number of combinations (at least 27K—that’s as high as we could count). It’s all authentic Lebanese cuisine that’s made in small batches and features seasonal, local veggies that bring new and exciting flavors to the food. And it’s all healthy AF.

So yeah, sorry if this feels like editorial laziness. But if you read on, we promise you’ll see why we’re sticking with Sassool. 

[Premium members get a $15 tab to spend at a Sassool's Morgan Street Food Hall location anytime in the month of February! Not Premium yet? Ask one of in-the-know friends for a referral or click here to join the waitlist.]

There’s Truly Something for Everyone

New to Lebanese food? Don’t worry, you’re gonna love it. The pros recommend first-timers go for the Pick-4-Sampler ($10.99), where you can, well, sample a bunch of items from their menu. A tried-and-true combo to choose? Chicken salad, mjadarah (a hearty and flavorful dish of lentils, brown rice and caramelized onions), quinoa tabouli and classic hummus

Dietary restrictions? They’ve got ‘em covered. First off, EVERYTHING is gluten-free, and there are tons of vegetarian, vegan and dairy-free options. Plus, they’re also super willing to accommodate any other special dietary needs. 

Craving dessert? Us too. (Everything in moderation, after all!). Sassool serves up traditional Lebanese desserts like Baklava ($1.29) and Lady Fingers ($0.79), plus homemade cakes ($3.99+) and Angel Kisses ($0.99), which are basically a more delicious Mallomar. 

You'll Always Find New Dishes to Drool Over

Made with simple, straightforward ingredients, Lebanese food is sort of mix between Mediterranean and Middle Eastern food. Produce is usually the star of the dish, with olive oil, lemon and mild herbs serving as key supporting roles. 

While we’ve yet to try *all* 27K combos, we have sampled a fair amount of Sassool’s MSFH menu. Beyond the aforementioned first-timers plate (which we LOVE), we’ve got some fave dishes. 

  • Their Baba Ghanouj, a traditional roasted eggplant dip made with tahini, lemon, garlic and EVOO, is creamy and smoky. If you’ve never had it before, think of it like Hummus’s sexier, more grown-up cousin. 
  • The Roasted Beet Salad features fresh mint, pomegranate molasses, balsamic and EVOO. Even if you don’t think beets are your “thing,” this is definitely worth a try. 
  • Shawarma is Lebanese version of a Greek gyro. They’ve got a Chicken ($6.99) and Beef ($7.99) option, both come with veggies, Lebanese pickles and tangy lemon tahini dressing. You can further customize your order by opting to have your Shawarma as a wrap, over rice or as a salad.
  • Their Jalapeño Cilantro Hummus, Sweet Potato Salad and Autumn Root Salad are all unique fusion dishes that blend traditional Lebanese cooking with local Southern ingredients.

You Get Amazing Bang for Your Buck

No graceful way to say this: If you want a LOT of food, go to Sassool. Their Sampler Plates ($9.99+) are easily a pound of food (or more!) so you’re likely to get at least two meals out of one order. Can you ever have too much of a good thing? We think not. Prepare to feast. 

They’ve also got to-go containers that are cheaper, healthier and more delicious than anything you’d get at your local grocer’s deli counter. So if you’re not in the mood to cook dinner (or maybe you want to fool someone into thinking your an amazing chef), swing by Sassool for a to-go deli container, available in 8 oz., 16 oz., and 32 oz. sizes. 

Free Samples, Always

Not sure what to order? The “Sassquad” are down to let you sample to your anything (slash everything) so you can expand your palate and try before you buy. Go ahead—sample your heart out. 

And Just Try and Tell Us This Isn’t The Cutest Family Biz Ever

Family-run, Sassool’s love for their culture, food and customers shines through. Their enthusiasm and passion is downright contagious. Don’t believe us? We think this video speaks for itself (and just try and get that song out of your head).

27,000+ Ways to Eat Healthy at Morgan Street Food Hall
27,000+ Ways to Eat Healthy at Morgan Street Food Hall