Offline Just Launched Something EPIC

Y'all, we just launched something pretty epic! It's called Offline Premium and if you like sneak peeks, parties and free things, read on!

Here's the scoop:

- Each month we're hooking you up with a mix of freebies and exclusive sneak peeks. Think: scoring two fancy cocktails at a Raleigh fave AND getting a behind-the-scenes sneak peek of a new biz that's about to open. 

- We're not done yet! Several times a year, we'll be joining forces with our brand partners to throw VIP events for you! The first one *might* be a rooftop party at a soon-to-open locale. We'll let your imagination do the work from here...

- You pay $9.99 / month—yep, it's a subscription service just like Netflix/Blue Apron/Birchbox—to unlock all of this. (Remember, just one of those fancy cocktails is 10 bucks.)

- We're launching Offline Premium to 125 members to start, so if you're like, "sign me up already" do it here and do it fast! 

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Offline Just Launched Something EPIC
Offline Just Launched Something EPIC