Lonerider is Officially in the Spirits Game With This Badass Bourbon

Lonerider Spirits—the sister company of cult-favorite local brewery Lonerider Brewing—launched their first product this week,  a bourbon whiskey finished in sherry casks. This is Raleigh’s first-in-market bourbon whiskey, and it is now available at ABC stores and restaurants and bars across North Carolina.

As described on the beautiful-yet-irreverent label, the whiskey tastes "like waffle cone and cacao in the body with leather on the finish." While it's definitely got a hint of sweetness to it, this bev is no joke—at 90 proof (vs. the standard 80) it's definitely got some heat. We enjoyed sipping on it, but also think it would taste great in an Old Fashioned or other spirit-forward cocktail. 

You can pick up Lonerider's bourbon at ABC stores near you for $40 a bottle, or ask your favorite local bar if they're stocking it. Not into bourbon? Worry not! Lonerider Spirits has other spirits planned for 2019, and the distillery continues to create unique recipes to follow those from its award-winning beers such as Sweet Josie Brown Ale.