Raleigh's Got a Secret, Dracula-Inspired Menu and We Can't Wait to Take a Bite
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Raleigh's Got a Secret, Dracula-Inspired Menu and We Can't Wait to Take a Bite

It’s October, which means Halloween and all things spooky are fair game. So Raleigh’s getting in the spirit with top-secret, Dracula-themed treats all month long. Available at six choice DTR spots, these vamped-up items all debut in honor of Carolina Ballet’s Dracula, now showing in Raleigh through Oct 28. It’s a fully-narrated, horror-filled show that’s inspired some seriously gothic local collabs. Now you won’t see these goodies on any menu, but say “Dracula” and you’ll get hooked up. 

Take a bite and see for yourself

Hunt ‘em down and take a bite. These off-menu items disappear on Oct 31. 

1. Dram & Draught 

Dracula's Overbite: Bonded Rye Whiskey, fresh lemon juice, honey, aromatic bitters, topped with a bloody port wine float and garnished with orange.

Dram & Draught |  623 Hillsborough St | Mon-Fri: 4p-2a; Sat: 12p-2a; Sun: 12p-12a

2. Yellow Dog Bread Co. 

Dracula’s Coffin: A coffin-shaped, chocolate cookie sandwich filled with raspberry preserves and enrobed in locally-made, Videri dark chocolate. This baby comes complete with a chocolate bat accent for added panache.

Yellow Dog Bread Co. |  219 E Franklin St  | Mon-Fri: 7a-7p; Sat: 8a-6p; Closed Sunday 

3. The Haymaker

Brooding Wings: Social House Vodka, Dubonnet, Amontillado Sherry, Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur, and black walnut bitters, garnished with a set of citrus fangs that'll bite back.

The Haymaker |  555 Fayetteville St | Mon-Tues: 4p-12a; Wed-Sat: 4p-2a; Closed Sunday 

4. Raleigh Rolls

How Dracula Rolls: Rolled ice cream made from a homemade mix of heavy cream, sweetened milk, and Nutella that gets topped off with Hershey Chocolate Syrup, a chocolate crumbs, blood sauce (don’t worry, it’s just a raspberry-blackberry sauce), gummy worms and gold sprinkles. And the final pièce de résistance? Gummy vampire teeth! 

Raleigh Rolls | 411 W Morgan St | Mon-Sun: 11a-10p

5. Bittersweet

The Mina: A cherry gin cocktail with a bloody center featuring Bombay Saphire Gin, Luxardo, Fresh Lemon Juice, & Housemade Grenadine. Be careful, this one's sweet but deadly—it's got just enough bite to be dangerous.

Bittersweet | 116 East Martin St | Mon: 7a-4p; Tues-Wed: 7a-12a; Thur-Fri: 7a-2a; Sat: 2p-2a; Sun: 2p-12a 

6. Raleigh Raw


Morning Gory: On-demand juice made from carrot, ginger, orange and apple, finished off with a syringe full of beet juice "blood".

Raleigh Raw | 7 W Hargett St | Mon-Fri: 7:30a-7p; Sat: 8a-7p; Sun: 8a-6p 


By popular demand, Carolina Ballet has officially brought Dracula back to Raleigh and let’s get things straight right off the bat: this ain’t your momma’s ballet. This show is one that art-lovers, dance-fans, theatre nerds and horror junkies alike can all get into.

Why? Because Dracula is a fully-narrated, super creepy show featuring live music and fierce AF dancers. It’s got major sex appeal (think ballet meets burlesque), theatricality and more *drama* than the last season of The Bachelor. 

This run of Dracula features the traditional gothic story you know but told in a totally unconventional way. With a narrator on stage throughout the performance, this show’s more akin to a Broadway show rather than your classic Nutcracker experience. That B-way style also is amplified by Lynne Taylor-Corbett, the Broadway choreographer who choreographed the performance. 

And as an added bonus, the opener is a performance of Edgar Allan Poe’s Masque of the Red Death so you basically get to see two totally terrifying shows for the price of one. Score! 

Oh, and one more fun fact: that the score is written by the former Director of North Carolina State University’s Music Department, who is currently tenured at NC State’s College of Design. 

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your Saturday night, this is it! Grab some of these Dracula-inspired drinks pre and/or post theatre for an out-of-the-box night on the town. Cheers. 

Offline users can score tickets for as low as $30. Snag 'em here.


photos by Armes Photography


Raleigh's Got a Secret, Dracula-Inspired Menu and We Can't Wait to Take a Bite
Raleigh's Got a Secret, Dracula-Inspired Menu and We Can't Wait to Take a Bite