"The Worst Fundraiser Ever" is Seriously the Perfect Way for Millennials to Give Back

What if we told you there's an epic gala coming up where you can wear your finest frocks, enjoy free food and booze, dance the night away AND  support an amazing cause—all without needing to shell out any cash? You'd be down, duh. 

Then mark your calendars for Nov 16th's Give Gala, lovingly dubbed "The Worst Fundraiser Ever," (more on that later). It's going down for the third year in a row at Marbles Museum and this year is looking more incredible than ever. Organized by Headbands of Hope and The Monday Life to benefit childhood cancer, this event gives Raleigh millennials the perfect chance to give back and have a blast doing it.

Give Gala 101

Give Gala is jokingly called “The Worst Fundraiser Ever” because, well, they don’t raise any funds. This unique no-money charity event celebrates non-monetary ways of giving back. 

Instead of shelling out a ton of cash for a ticket, attendees offer a service, gift or talent to children with cancer and other life-threatening conditions (don’t freak out, we’ll help you figure out what to give in a minute). Patients and their families get to peruse the offers to see what might benefit them, and then the Give Gala team coordinates making those offers happen after the event. 

Previous years have seen offers ranging from gift cards and help with chores to crazier things like a princess unicorn birthday party on one attendee’s farm and a ride in someone’s helicopter. We’ve brainstormed some ideas below to get your giving muscles going—keep scrolling.

What’s the gala going to be like? 

Kate Pope Photography

In short, it’s going to be a badass par-tay where you get to dress up, enjoy free food and booze, and dance the night away. 

Hosted at Marbles Kids Museum on November 16 from 7:30-10:30p, this event has so much going for it: It’s black tie, so you get an excuse to don your fanciest frocks. There will be plenty of booze courtesy of Tito’s, Lonerider and On the Rocks Bartending, delicious Mediterranean snacks from Vidrio, and desserts from Catering Works and SweetWater Ices. 

DJ Joe Bunn will be there in charge of the tunes, and if you need to do more than dance, there will be a magician showing off some tricks as well as life-sized games like chess and Connect Four. Patients and their families will also be there enjoying the festivities, so you’ll get a chance to brighten their days just by being there.

Wait, but WTF do I have to give?

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Okay, as great as it is to not have to dive into your bank account to give back, we get that it can be a little stressful to figure out what you have to offer. Even though it may not feel like it, everyone has something they can give—here are a few ideas to hopefully spark some creative generosity in you!

You could offer something helpful like…

  • Babysitting so the parents can have a night out

  • Cooking meals for a family

  • House cleaning, a car wash, dog walking or other chores to give the family one less thing to worry about

  • Gift cards for necessities (think Target, gas, or groceries)

  • Tutoring to help the kids or their siblings with school work

You could offer something comforting like…

  • A yoga class or other workout class for the parents (either taught or bought by you)

  • A family photo session (taken by you if you’re a photographer!)

  • Handmade warm clothing or other comforts for the kids

  • A musical performance by you for the family

You could offer something fun like…

  • Lessons for the kids in a skill you have (e.g., art, crafting, sports, cooking)

  • Tickets to an upcoming event (like to a sports game or theater show)

  • A week or weekend getaway if you have a rental property

  • A haircut or makeover day

Or, hey, if you have a helicopter, a space to throw a massive kids party, or some other cool possession or skill, you could go Make-a-Wish-style and offer something super unique. (One leukemia family has already submitted a special request this year for a mechanic or anyone else with food truck expertise to help turn their broken-down truck into the business of their dreams.)

If you’re still stuck when you go to register for your ticket, you can let them know you have no idea what you want to offer and someone from their team will reach out to help you brainstorm some more. 

Register for your ticket now, and then prep to get dolled up and do something good for the community.

"The Worst Fundraiser Ever" is Seriously the Perfect Way for Millennials to Give Back
"The Worst Fundraiser Ever" is Seriously the Perfect Way for Millennials to Give Back