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Once in a Blue Moon: Extravagant Experiences Worth Shelling Out For
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If you're like us, when you think about money you're usually thinking about how to save it. Let's flip that and think about those once in the blue moon occasions when you want to ball out and try something in the Triangle that you can't do just any day. Whether it's the price point, the absurdity or the uniqueness, we've rounded up a few experiences in the Triangle that you just need to indulge in once in a blue moon.

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Book a Seat at the Four Seat Restaurant in Durham
$$$$, Yamazushi Japanese Restaurant, Durham

Leave all your preconceived notions about dining out at Yamazushi's door. The four seat restaurant (yes, you read that right) treats diners to an authentic Japanese fine-dining meal called Kaiseki. This eight-course experience of artful small plates is served in a traditional, ceremonial fashion with tea and sake pairings and is served on handcrafted dishes.

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Every once in awhile, you just have to treat yourself. For those rare moments when you can pause, take a weekend and really serve yourself up with some self-care, the answer is The Umstead Hotel & Spa. It feels removed without actually being a trek, it offers luxe spa treatments and employees a James Beard recognized chef. Staycation booked.

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Savor Raleigh's Most Expensive Water
$, 10th & Terrace, Raleigh

10th & Terrace is Raleigh's tallest rooftop bar, but it's also Raleigh's only establishment offering a gourmet water menu—you know, for when you're truly feeling parched. Bottle service takes on a whole new meaning when Berg, a $24 bottle of glacial water "harvested off Newfoundland icebergs" is on the way to the table. File this under things you never knew you needed.

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When an establishment has earned TWENTY Grand Awards, the highest honor a restaurant or wine cellar can earn, and boasts one of the finest wine collections in the world it's definitely worth shelling out for. Book the The Wine Cellar at the Angus Bar and you'll be treated to an unparalleled evening of wining and dining. Bonus, if you really want to play up the luxe, you can also visit the Humidor at the Angus Barn to make a selection from their premium cigars.

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M Sushi serves up one of the most exotic and wonderful dining experiences in the Triangle. Reserve a seat at the sushi bar to dine on the Grand Omakase, a beautiful nine-course meal selected by Chef Michael Lee, daily. From crudo to squid ink pasta to gorgeous sashimi, there's a lot to fawn over.

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Littler serves up a killer menu of small plates—they're just a little out there. The menu is strongly based on seasonality and anything but tame. Expect to dig into delicacies like beef heart tartare, chicken fried duck tongues and sweetbreads—items you just aren't inclined to find elsewhere in the Triangle. Our motto: eat first, ask later.

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Past Experiences
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Celebrate Fine Food & Drink Culture at TerraVita Festival
$$$, Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill
Wed October 18 – Sat October 21

It's only once a year that you can indulge in the absolute finest of everything the region has to offer at this multi-day celebration of food and drink, chefs and makers, baristas and brewers and all things food culture. If you want the best experience, spend the big bucks and buy a ticket to the whole event—you won't regret it when you're fat and happy after days of noshing on the best of the best.

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Win Big at the Once in a Blue Moon Tacori Trunk Show
Free, Diamonds Direct Crabtree, Raleigh
Fri October 06 – Sat October 07

We've schooled you on some of the best ways to ball out in the Triangle, but now it's time to deck yourself out. Diamonds Direct to the rescue. Hit the Once in Blue Moon Tacori Trunk Show to get, you guessed it, deals on this gorgeous Cali-designer you don't ever come across. What's more? In addition to the major perks offered all weekend long (think free cocktails, champs and more while you shop), Offline and Diamonds Direct are teaming up to give away a $500 Tacori prize pack including a sterling silver and 18 karat gold necklace hand selected by the Diamonds Direct staff. Enter to win at the Tacori Trunk Show and we'll announce a winner 10/11!

Psst—this is your only chance to shop Tacori locally, Diamonds Direct Crabtree is the exclusive carrier of the brand in the area!

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Diamonds Direct Crabtree and Tacori have teamed up to bring you exclusive access to extended bridal and fashion collections straight from California!
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