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Go Global: 7 Must-Try International Restaurants In the Triangle
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By Anna Torres

Daydreaming of stepping on a plane tomorrow and exploring a new country? Or are you simply dying to get your hands on that new global dish that keeps popping up in your Instagram feed? While jetsetting to a far off destination for the weekend might be more of a dream than a reality, take your taste buds on an international vacation at seven these Triangle spots.

Forget what mama taught you—at Awaze Cuisine you’re expected to eat with your hands. This hidden gem in Cary serves authentic Ethiopian food complete with plenty of injera (a spongy, sourdough-like flatbread) to soak up every last bit of food. Try the sampler platter with a friend or two to get a rainbow tour of Ethiopia’s traditional cuisine. Bonus: the veggie sampler is vegan-friendly!

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You know those hole-in-the-wall places that are famous for the one dish that people can’t stop raving about? Do yourself a favor and get the SoGa wings at Soo Café. You’ll never go back to traditional chicken wings again.

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Treat Yo’Self to Indian Fare at Cholanad
$, Cholanad Restaurant & Bar, Chapel Hill

If you find yourself in Chapel Hill, take your taste buds on a tour of South India at Cholanad. The dishes are as beautiful as the restaurant is, but if you’re coming with a big appetite for big flavor, we recommend getting the masala dosa.

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BYO Arepa at Guasaca
$, Guasaca - Arepa & Salsa Grill, Raleigh

Arepas have become a big part of the local food scene recently, and we don’t hate it! Guasaca specializes in Venezuelan arepas, a soft flat bread made with corn flour (hello, gluten-free!) that you can then stuff with whatever your heart desires. If you’d rather ditch the bread, you can build your own bowl instead (but really, why ditch bread?). Whatever you choose, don’t sleep on their house-made sauces!

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Bahn-Appetit at KoKyu Na’Mean
$, KoKyu Na'Mean, Durham

There’s a good sandwich. And then there’s a so-good-you-will-never-eat-a-basic-sandwich-ever-again type of sandwich. That’s what we’re dealing with at Na’Mean. Seriously, there isn’t one bad thing on their menu. The sister restaurant of the famed Ko’Kyu food truck, Na’Mean specializes in Asian-inspired sandwiches topped with everything from slow-cooked pork belly to a fried pork cutlet and government cheese (it’s a thing, look it up).

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Get Your Mediterranean Fix at Bosphorus
$$, Bosphorus Restaurant, Cary

If you’re looking for an authentic Turkish meal, look no further than Bosphorus, a local favorite situated in downtown Cary. It’s hard to go wrong with their extensive menu, but the Turkish pizzas, topped with ingredients like lamb, shrimp, and and fragrant mediterranean spices are a crowd favorite. Wash it all down with a Turkish coffee and some baklava!

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Spice Up Your Life at Oakwood Café
$, Oakwood Cafe, Raleigh

Chances are, you’ve driven past this little Raleigh landmark not realizing that delicious Cuban and Argentinean food is closer than you think. Oakwood Café has been serving up empanadas, Argentinian-style asados and Cuban sandwiches to Raleigh locals and visitors alike since 1999 — so stop by for lunch, order a few empanadas and make sure to ask for their homemade hot sauce to take it up a notch!

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