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Drinkin' & Thinkin': 10 Trivia Nights in Raleigh
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By Lindsay Underwood

If you’re looking for a night out that involves a bit of brain power, there are tons of great trivia options around town! Grab some pals, study up, and get ready to feel just a little inadequate while you answer questions for a chance to win free beer and prizes. Here are some favorite venues for testing your knowledge.

House of Hops
$, House of Hops, Raleigh

For traditional trivia, head to this North Raleigh spot on Thursday nights for four rounds of challenging questions. Make sure to get on their email list ahead of time to be first in line for special beer releases. If you want to change up typical trivia, go on Tuesday night for music bingo. The DJ will play music clips to test your knowledge across a number of musical genres.

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Stag's Head
$, The Stag's Head, Raleigh

Geeks Who Drink trivia isn't for the faint of heart. When you hit up this trivia at Stag’s Head, you can enjoy a great beer list while powering through eight rounds of trivia (around 70 questions). Don’t forget to stay on your game between rounds for a chance to win a free pint with lightning round questions. Get there early, as seating is limited.
Another pro tip: you can bring your own food into the bar, so grab some grub beforehand or have food delivered right to the bar.

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My Way Tavern
$, My Way Tavern, Raleigh

If you’re looking for a shorter trivia setup, head over to My Way Tavern. These rounds are lightning fast, with four rounds of ten questions each. One of my favorite things about this spot is that every question is up on a screen, so no straining to hear over non-trivia patrons. My Way also has a dinner menu perfect for eating your feelings before, during or after the rounds.

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The Flying Saucer
$, Flying Saucer Draught Emporium, Raleigh

Feel free to double down on trivia at this downtown spot. Head over at 7p for standard trivia or 9:30p for some risqué adult trivia. Don’t forget to check out the extensive beer list and food menu while you play!

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Pizza La Stella
$$, Pizza La Stella, Raleigh

If you’re on the hunt for pizza and trivia, Pizza La Stella in downtown Raleigh is the perfect pick. They also offer the Geeks Who Drink trivia. Plus, all players get 10% off any pizza and $4 craft drafts. Keep a look out for special themed trivia nights at this location. Recent favorites include Harry Potter trivia and Disney trivia.

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World of Beer
$, World of Beer, Raleigh
Tue November 28, 8:00p - 10:00p

If you’re over in North Hills, make sure to head to World of Beer for trivia on Tuesday nights. As the name implies, you won’t want for beer options. Don’t worry, everyone’s a winner with $1 off all NC beers during trivia.

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Oak & Dagger
$$, Oak & Dagger Public House, Raleigh

Oak and Dagger is another great Geeks Who Drink trivia spot to check out on Tuesday nights. What sets this location apart is the ample space. Even if you roll in at the last minute, they’re almost always sure to be able to accommodate your party. Another plus: it's also a brewery. Try a flight and work your way through both your tastings and the rounds.

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Raleigh Brewing Company
$, Raleigh Brewing Company, Raleigh

Change up the typical bar venue with brewery trivia! Raleigh Brewing Company uses the Team Trivia format, where you wager your points based on your confidence level. Don’t know anything about science? Only bet 1 point for that question. Know a lot about the Real Housewives of Atlanta? Throw 5 points on your answer sheet.

Pro tip: check out Team Trivia’s website every week for a free answer to one of the questions!

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Edwards Mill Bar & Grill
$$, Edwards Mill Bar & Grill, Raleigh

You have two options for trivia at this north Raleigh spot. Head over on either Tuesday or Friday night for Team Trivia. On Tuesdays you can get any North Carolina beer for $3.50. On Fridays, all domestics are $2.50.

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Nerd Nite Raleigh
Free, Big Boss Brewing Company, Raleigh

Although not purely trivia, Nerd Nite Raleigh definitely qualifies as a way to drink and think. At this monthly event, you’ll hear Ted Talk style presentations on different topics. Some of the recent talks were on science in movies and genetics. Between speakers, you can participate in a 10 question trivia round to compete for prizes.

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Lindsay Underwood Lindsay Underwood is the author of the blog Welcome To Raleighwood, where she documents her adventures and culinary shenanigans in the Oak City.
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