6 Hidden Gems in Five Points
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Although Five Points is one of Raleigh's historic neighborhoods, that doesn't mean everything has to be "been there, done that." There are plenty of people and places that continue to reinvent themselves, keeping the neighborhood fresh with undiscovered gems. Check out six of our favorite little known spots in Five Points.

Hidden Gems
Photo by @sweetanisette

Hidden back on Bickett Ave. is Anisette Sweet Shop. They're slinging sweet treats inspired by the flavors of the Mediterranean—from tarts to meringues to Turkish delights—in addition to coffee beverages.

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Larry's Coffee is one of Raleigh's biggest coffee purveyors and they're headquartered right in Five Points. Swing by their facility during business hours to shop freshly roasted beans and sample cold brew straight from their taps.

Bonus, Larry's might be all about the coffee, but they're also about clean energy. They've rigged up some crazy, cool sustainable practices over there. It's worth investigating!

Bonus #2, they throw some pretty kickass events. Keep your eye out for parties, tastings and more.

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Escape Before Time Runs Out at tic toc
$30, tic toc escapes, Raleigh

This one is truly hidden, if you're not searching for tic toc it's not easy to find from the street. If you're in the market for a group activity or a challenge, you'll love this. tic toc escapes locks your group in a themed room and you have to work together, follow clues and ultimately solve the mystery to escape.

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Photo by @@Raleighwhatsup
Find Unique Goods at Form & Function
$$, Form & Function, Raleigh

You've probably rolled through the panic-inducing Five Points intersection hundreds of times, but how many times have you noticed Form & Function? Sandwiched between Whitaker Mill and Fairview, F&F features an awesome, ever-changing selection of American made and upcycled furniture and decor to make your home truly unique.

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Photo by @mandolinfarm

Look at those veggies! They were all grown at Mandolin's farm. Yes, little known fact Mandolin recently upped its focus on local ingredients by starting a gorgeous garden and farm.

If you're not familiar with Mandolin, it's the product of Raleigh native Sean Fowler (formerly of Fearrington House). It hits all the right notes with Southern-style food with just the right amount of flair.

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Photo by @masonspitler
Mondays at the Movies at the Rialto
$, The Rialto Theatre, Raleigh

Yeah, you probably know about the Rialto, one of Raleigh's only independent theaters. But, bet you didn't know that the Rialto hosts "Monday at the Movies" once a month where they show classic throwbacks like Jaws, E.T. and The Princess Bride. As always, cash only for tickets, beer and wine.

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