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6 Epic Triangle Sandwiches to Add to Your Bucket List
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By Anna Torres

There’s something undeniably comforting about a good sandwich. But sometimes, a basic ham and cheese just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes you’re craving something unique, like a burger with peanut butter on it. Sometimes, you *need* something massive to satisfy a larger-than-life appetite. Whatever it is you’re looking for—these six epic sandwiches are sure to satisfy your need for carb-wrapped goodness.

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We can’t start this list off without mentioning the burger that put all others to shame (and made Man v. Food’s Adam Richman ask Wimpy’s owner Larry Mishoe to adopt him.) The Garbage Burger boasts two quarter-pound patties, slaw, chili, cheese, bacon, onions and pickles. Oh, and don’t forget the condiments. And the napkins. And maybe a bib. On second thought, just make sure you don’t wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty!

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By now, most people have heard of the legendary sandwiches being served up at Kokyu’s brick-and-mortar location, Na’Mean, and with good reason— they make some seriously kick-ass sandwiches. We could wax poetic about their menu, but there’s one item that will always have our unwavering love: the Bhat Mi. It’s a juicy twist on the traditional Vietnamese Banh Mi: BBQ short rib, honey peanut sauce, hot chilies, cucumber, mint, cilantro, pickled veggies, KoKyu Chili Sauce and crushed peanuts.

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Tempeh Tantrum at Remedy Diner
$, The Remedy Diner, Raleigh

Whoever said all good sandwiches have to have meat on them have clearly never stepped foot in Remedy Diner. Marinated tempeh, homemade pesto mayo, “bacon”, avocado and lettuce sit between two slices of sourdough bread to make what PETA calls one of the top 5 vegan sandwiches in the country. It’s high time you tried something new, don’t you think?

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Looking for breakfast, lunch and a side wrapped in a buttery biscuit? Rise Biscuits and Donuts has you covered. Seriously, name a more iconic trio than fried chicken, mac and cheese and a hot biscuit—we'll wait.

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A STACKED BLT at Merritt’s Grill
$, Merritt's Store & Grill, Chapel Hill

There’s a reason why this place is always packed full on the weekends. Students, alumni and Chapel Hill natives alike swear by this roadside staple that has fed Tar Heels for the past two decades. Here’s the rundown: start with your basic BLT. Add avocado. Throw in some homemade pimento cheese. Triple the bacon for good measure (yeah, you can do that.) All of a sudden, you’ve got a sandwich fit for royalty and one really, REALLY big appetite.

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This sandwich isn’t for the weak of heart—or the weak of stomach. If salami made with one of the hottest peppers on earth doesn’t phase you, fear not! It comes accompanied with chipotle mayo, spicy habanero slaw, pickled jalapeños and pepper jack cheese. Good thing there’s plenty of beer on tap to put out that fuego.

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The name here says it all. The combination of peanut butter, honey, cheddar cheese and bacon on a burger (yes, you read that right!) has most people scratching their heads, but there’s a reason why it’s a menu staple in this Apex eatery. To keep the sweet and savory train going, we recommend you wash it down with a chocolate stout!

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