Wine and Dine Where You'd Least Expect It Harris Teeter
Wine and Dine Where You'd Least Expect It
$  .  Today, 6:00a - 12:00a

Wine and Dine Where You'd Least Expect It

$  .  Today, 6:00a - 12:00a

Got your eyes on a bottle of wine but not sure if you should commit? Taste it first – with a view! Yes, this is really Harris Teeter!

By Chelsea Pieroni
Chic doesn't even begin to describe the decor and feel you get upon entering the wine bar on the second floor. It's like you entered some highly functioning European cafe. It's a little disorienting, but we like it.

Design aside, this is an opportunity at its finest. You've got two options to enjoy wine by the glass: self serve and bar service. For the self serve, there's a wine dispenser—a fancy, high tech set of wines on tap—that features 12 bottles of varied wine (they cycle quite often), each kept at its ideal temperature. Then you just pop in your credit card, pour a glass, and you're set! For bar service: pull up a chair, peruse the 20+ wine options, and allow your server to gauge your taste and interest. This is also convenient for those of us who are looking to spend a little more buck on a bottle for a special occasion, but don't want to break the bank without knowing what it tastes like. Or simply for the thrill of it – where else can you try $100 wine for a handful of cash???

The seating is equally magnificent – besides the classy wooden bar, french cafe tables fill the space, and there's additional comfy lounging on the terrace, a highly recommended retreat on a sunny day. All in all, every aspect of this place is amazing. Period.

Make grocery shopping more fun! Take out a date who's equally eager to try new sips in an unexpected place! We repeat: this is, indeed, Harris Teeter.

Harris Teeter
1015 Providence Road
Charlotte, NC 28207
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