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UNC Science Expo
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UNC Science Expo

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It's like the world's biggest science fair. 

Chapel Hill's biggest science fair is fun for all ages. Morehead Planetarium and partners are offering up over 100 activities!

"Curiosity Classroom Schedule:

11: 30 a.m. Outbreak: A Neuroscience Escape Room in a Box
There has been an outbreak of a virus across the US! The virus is known as "Giggluenza" and attacks the brain and leads to uncontrollable laughter. The CDC has searched day and night for an answer with no success, so they are turning to you, leading neuroscience researchers, to find the cure! Try your go at hypothesis testing and experimental design to see if you can find the cure. If you don't find the cure in the next 30 minutes, then you will be infected so work quickly!

Recommended for middle schoolers and up.

12:30 p.m. Catapult Challenge
Are you ready to build your very own mini-catapult? In this family workshop, you’ll work together on an engineering challenge as we explore how to harness elastic potential energy to launch projectiles! Each participant will get their own catapult.

Recommended for ages 7+. 

1:30 p.m. Spudstronauts
Team up with the Morehead Planetarium and Science Center and the UNC Science Expo to help protect a very special astronaut. The harsh environment of space can be unforgiving, even for a nutritious and hearty potato! Participants in this session will design and outfit a protective space suit for a potato astronaut that is preparing for launch on Spudnik-2. Your goal: protect the spudstronaut from being french-fried or hashbrowned on re-entry. Designers are encouraged to take their creation home for further testing. 

Recommended for ages 8+. 

2:30 p.m. Oobleck Lab
Join Morehead Planetarium and Science Center at the UNC Science Expo to create and personalize your very own Oobleck masterpiece! Participants will explore the chemistry of non-newtonian fluids to concoct and create their very own slimey project. Experimenters are encouraged to take home their oobleck and continue exploring these fascinating states of matter!

Lab Tour Schedule:

Chemistry: 12 p.m./1 p.m./3 p.m.

Marine Science: 11 a.m./12 p.m./1 p.m. 
Learn how marine scientist attempt to understand and predict changes in marine systems - and their effects on humans and other organisms - via a 36 meter wave tank.

Exercise and Sports Science: 12:30p.m./1:30 p.m.
The tour would include the following labs/centers: The MOTION Sports Science Institute, The Gfeller Sport Related TBI Research Center (Concussion), and the Applied Physiology Laboratory. Cumulatively, these tours would provide demonstrations and opportunities to participate in various human movement and sport science activities. For example, biomechanical assessments using motion capture, instrumented force platforms, and electromyography (MOTION).  Techniques to enhance/rehabilitate visual and sensory performance (Gfeller). Metabolic and body composition assessments (Applied Physiology Laboratory).    

Electron Microscopy: 11:30 a.m./12 p.m./12:30 p.m./1 p.m./1:30 p.m./2 p.m.
Tour will include imaging bees (and other interesting specimen) with our Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) in Chapman Hall. Orange County Beekeepers Assoc will be on hand to explain the parts of the bee seen through the SEM.

Coker Arboretum: 11:30 a.m.
Coker Arboretum is at the center of one of the most beautiful university campuses in the nation: the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Managed by the North Carolina Botanical Garden, it is one of the Garden's oldest tracts.

Psychology and Neuroscience: TBA

Physics and Astronomy: 11 a.m./12 p.m./1 p.m.
Get a firsthand look at world renown research in physics and astronomy.

Biology: TBA
Visitors will walk through the greenhouse and get an idea of how a greenhouse works and what UNC Chapel hill is working on in the plant industry.

Be-A-Maker Makerspace: TBA
The makerspace student group will provide hands-on making activities that are appropriate for all ages. 

Computer Science: Open All Day (Sitterson Hall)
Visit Sitterson Hall for an incredible variety of computer science demonstrations involving graphics, robotics, telepresence, and many types of medical collaborations.

Ackland Art Museum: Open All Day
Santiago Ramón y Cajal’s drawings of the brain are as aesthetically astonishing as they are scientifically significant. The Beautiful Brain is the first museum exhibition to present these amazing objects within their historical context."

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