Turn Up the Heat at Hattie B's Hattie B's
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Turn Up the Heat at Hattie B's Hattie B's
Turn Up the Heat at Hattie B's
$  .  Today, 11:00a - 10:00p

Turn Up the Heat at Hattie B's

$  .  Today, 11:00a - 10:00p

Hot chicken is a Nashville staple, and no one does it better, or with more charm, than Hattie B's. Come for the fried chicken and cool off with the banana pudding!

By Kelsey Van
Hot chicken, it's battered, breaded, fried and spiced to perfection, and if you've never had it you're in for a treat—and likely some heat! Hattie B's happens to be centrally located, local and tourist friendly, small but quick and serves up some of the best hot chicken and southern sides in the city. Their chicken is served up with whatever heat you want, from the Southern (no heat) to the Damn Hot, which could potentially cause fire breathing. If you're feeling daring (or you're a complete masochist), go ahead and try the Shut the Cluck Up. It'll lead to profanity, tears, possibly irreparable damage to your taste buds and pure joy to those who dig a good kick in the mouth! Also, you know any place that cranks out friend chicken as good as Hattie B's wouldn't skip on doing a take on Chicken & Waffles. If you come for Sunday Brunch, prepare to lose your mind over how freaking amazing those chicken, waffles and bacon, cheddar grits are.

Hattie B's also impresses with delectable sides like pimento mac & cheese and black eyed pea salad. Be prepared for a line, but rest assured you won't be waiting around all day. Need to calm the fire in your mouth? There are a few local beers on tap and you can grab a gallon of tea for $5.

Hattie B's
5209 Charlotte Pike
Nashville, TN 37209
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