Tackle The Garbage Burger Wimpy's Grill
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Tackle The Garbage Burger Wimpy's Grill
Tackle The Garbage Burger
$  .  Today, Closed Today

Tackle The Garbage Burger

$  .  Today, Closed Today

Leave your nice clothes at home! Order the famous "garbage burger" from Wimpy's and sit in the lot until you've devoured the entire thing. You won't need any other food all day, trust us!

Ever since it burst onto the scene during a fateful 2009 Man vs Food episode, the Wimpy's Garbage Burger has been attracting swarms of hungry foodies to its humble doorstep. Grab your spot in line (there's always a line) and prepare your stomach for an adventure. Called a 'two-hander' in the industry, the Garbage Burger piles pretty much any topping and condiment available onto two massive meat patties, making it one of the messiest burgers you'll ever eat—and that's part of the fun! Since Wimpy's has no inside seating, chances are you'll end up tackling this monster in the car or out in the parking lot. If you're sane, best bring a pile of napkins (or a towel or two); if you're feeling adventurous, challenge yourself and try and eat it with just one. Pro tip: cash only!

A little background: Wimpy's is one of the most unassuming places you'll encounter in Durham, and one gets the feeling that it's been that way for nearly 30 years. Brenda and Larry Mishoe have been keeping Wimpy's real since 1987 when they opened shop in their plain little a-frame building on Hillsborough Rd. To this day, patrons still order at the window, pay with cash and eat in their cars or on their tailgates, as there is no seating inside. Wimpy's also still uses fresh hand-ground, same-day beef, creating a consistent flavor that has led to numerous awards for best burger and takeout. You won't find a lot of fluff here—just real, delicious food.

Wimpy's Grill
617 Hicks St
Durham, North Carolina 27705
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