Photo by @apedbruce
Soak in the Sunset with your Sweetie at Love Circle
3300 Love Cirlce, Nashville
Inspiration from Offline

Chauffeur your sweetie to this hidden spot and soak in skyline views from one of Nashville's best vantage points!

Love Circle is a historic spot that has come to be known as Nashville's very own lovers' lane. Wind up the residential drive in West End and you'll find a park with stunning views of Music City. The hill is located 744 feet above sea level and once was the highest point in the old City of Nashville, according to a marker placed in the park by The Hillsboro-West End Neighborhood Association.

What to do once you reached the top? Well, that's up to you! We'd suggest grabbing a blanket and a picnic for a romantic date with your one and only. Stop by from 6a—9p daily (the park closes at dusk to keep neighbors like John Rich happy campers, so show some respect, y'all!).

Love Circle
3300 Love Cirlce
Nashville, TN 37212
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