Snag Something Tasty at Saigon Palace Saigon Palace
Snag Something Tasty at Saigon Palace
$  .  Today, 11:00a - 10:00p

Snag Something Tasty at Saigon Palace

$  .  Today, 11:00a - 10:00p

Reserve a palatial appetite for Saigon Palace: the melee of a Vietnamese and Chinese menu offers a sizable selection and will leave no belly unsatisfied.

There's a little something for everyone at Saigon Palace. If you're new to Vietnamese food then we highly recommend diving head first into the Sunday Buffet—or even if you're just feeling a new brunch hot spot for the weekend! If you feel like mixing things up a bit, they've got a special Chinese lunch menu for 7 bucks. There are all sorts of veggie options and pho combos, but if your sweet tooth is nagging you for attention, Saigon's got just the thing: boba! You get boba, and you get boba, and you get boba – no, for real, there are enough bubble tea flavors to go around for the whole family. But why stop there? The dessert menu features a titillating taro and tapioca pudding. Mm mm, save me some Saigon scraps, please.

Saigon Palace
5215 South Blvd #B
Charlotte, NC 28217
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11:00a - 10:00p

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