Sip a 715 at Stagioni Stagioni
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Sip a 715 at Stagioni Stagioni
Sip a 715 at Stagioni
$  .  Today, 5:30p - 11:00p

Sip a 715 at Stagioni

$  .  Today, 5:30p - 11:00p

A sweet cocktail that wears a new dress for each season, named after the establishment's famed address. Cin-cin!

By Chelsea Pieroni
An exquisite Tuscan-style villa with a history of extravagant partying and with amazing Italian-inspired dinners could only create the most delicious top notch drinks in the city. So all we can do is say: take heed. And drink a 715. Labeled as one of the "Sweet" cocktails, it's a bright magenta drink with a base of rye and Green Chartreuse, while its fruity components switch seasonally between muddled cherries with grapefruit bitters, muddled kumquats, and apple thyme shrub with agave. Cheers to that.

715 Providence Road
Charlotte, NC 28207
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5:30p - 11:00p

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