Scarf Down Classic Eats at Wimpy's Wimpy's Grill
Scarf Down Classic Eats at Wimpy's
$  .  Today, Closed Today

Scarf Down Classic Eats at Wimpy's

$  .  Today, Closed Today

If you're looking for a basic, tasty lunch, Wimpy's has your back. The food may be simple, but it's also simply delicious.

Wimpy's is one of the most unassuming places you'll encounter in Durham, and one gets the feeling that it's been that way since its opening in 1987. To this day, patrons still order at the window, pay with cash and eat in their cars or on their tailgates. At lunch time, Wimpy's serves burgers, dogs and BBQ. They're not big on fluff here, they are big on building good ol' fashioned lunches fit to satisfy. "The daily grind" has a different meaning for owner Larry Mishoe—their ground beef is fresh ground every morning, which makes all the difference in the flavor. Their burgers harken back those of lunch counters from the past. But, don't get too carried away with your day-dreaming—there's no counter to saddle up to and no seats to sit in. However, you won't miss the seat when you sink your teeth into their juicy burgers.

One of Wimpy's creations, The Garbage Burger, made Man vs. Food, and although it's a beast of a burger, it's not the only quality menu item, it's just the biggest. If you're looking for the full Wimpy's experience, pair your main meal with onion rings and finish it all off with banana pudding.

Breakfast brings big, fluffy biscuits and, uh more burgers. Yes, you can get a burger for breakfast. We aren't encouraging it, we're just letting you know.

Wimpy's Grill
617 Hicks St
Durham, North Carolina 27705
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