Relish Rum at Prichard's Distillery Prichard's Distillery at Fontanel
Relish Rum at Prichard's Distillery
$$  .  Today, 10:00a - 6:00p

Relish Rum at Prichard's Distillery

$$  .  Today, 10:00a - 6:00p

Known for its whiskey and rum production, Prichard's Distillery has been concocting small-batch spirits for five generations.

By Kelly Thomas
Prichard's Distillery original location is in Kelso, TN, but in spring 2014, a second location opened at the Fontanel estate. Guests can tour the distillery and taste the handcrafted rums and Tennessee whiskey on site. A French-style copper still, called an "Alembic" still, is used to produce the authentic taste the spirits are known for, with most of the variants having garnered high ratings in national competitions. Prichard's Lincoln County Lightning is even named in Southern Living's list of the Best Legal Moonshine! The entire experience is like stepping back in time, with everything made to recreate the era when the family made its first whiskey in 1822.

Prichard's Distillery at Fontanel
4105 Whites Creek Pike
Nashville, TN 37189
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