Relax with Premium Tequila & Empanadas at Calavera Calavera Empanadas and Tequila
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Relax with Premium Tequila & Empanadas at Calavera


Calavera does two things extremely well: tequila and empanadas! A smooth, premium spirit from Calavera is the perfect way to begin any evening.

Tequila is like sunlight trapped in a bottle—you'll feel warm and happy after each sip of the fine spirits at Calavera. With a cocktail list that changes seasonally and up to 40 tequilas available to choose from (30 on the menu, plus whatever exotics they have in that week) there's something for everybody (that enjoys a good time, of course).

If you're overwhelmed by the many different types of tequila and which to choose, don't worry. Calavera bartenders have you covered—they'll help you navigate all the complexities of premium tequila with their extensive knowledge on the subject. Oh, and don't forget to sip the sangrita in between each taste of tequila! It's traditional to have a palette cleanser when drinking fine tequila.

Calavera Empanadas and Tequila
444 S Blount St #101
Raleigh, NC 27603
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