Relax or Get Rowdy at No 308 No 308
Relax or Get Rowdy at No 308
$$  .  Today, 5:00p - 3:00a

Relax or Get Rowdy at No 308

$$  .  Today, 5:00p - 3:00a

No 308 is known for being the everyman's bar—there's a little something for everyone, whether you're looking for an innovative bev, friendly vibes, a dance party or a place to get sloshed.

By Kelsey Van
No 308 might sound a little confusing on paper, but trust us, it all makes sense when you walk in the door. They're touted as a "hipster" spot (apparently decorating with taxidermy animals and having Tiki Tuesdays earns you that label), but attract a crowd ranging from PBR drinking mustached musicians to champagne clinking fashion-blog followers. They're renowned for their tasty, innovative cocktails and rotating $5 cocktail tap (a special blend made a little different every day). The cocktail menu is arranged by drink strength, so if you're trying to get your buzz going (or know you're driving home) you can pick accordingly. The atmosphere is cozy, yet energetic. Arrive at 10pm to a full but still low-key bar scene and within the hour the house might be bumpin' with a DJ and a dance party.

No 308
407 Gallatin Ave
Nashville, TN 37206
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5:00p - 3:00a

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