Play Skeeball at Lucky B's Lucky B's
Play Skeeball at Lucky B's Lucky B's
Play Skeeball at Lucky B's
$  .  Today, 1:00p - 2:00a

Play Skeeball at Lucky B's

$  .  Today, 1:00p - 2:00a

It's time to get competitive! Enjoy a drink and game of skeeball at Lucky B's.

Remember the popular arcade game of skeeball? Luckily, you can find two skeeball machines at Glenwood Avenue's classiest dive bar, Lucky B's. Grab a drink from one of Lucky B's friendly bartenders and challenge your friends to a game of skeeball.

About Lucky B's:

Lucky B's is one of the classiest dive bars you can find on Glenwood South. With arcade games, skeeball, drink specials, and a dance floor they definitely have something for everyone, which is probably why they have such a diverse crowd on any given day of the week. Guys will love this place because its a sports bar meshed with a pool hall in the atmosphere of a dive bar. Girls will love it because they can dress up or down and still have a blast on the dance floor or hang out at the bar like one of the guys. Lucky B's is one of those places where judgement stays outside and good times are found through the door. It's great to start or end Saturday night or just have some fairly priced drinks with some friends after a long day at work.

Lucky B's
609 Tucker Street
Raleigh, NC 27603
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1:00p - 2:00a

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