Muse Unmasked Magical Afterparty 21c Museum Hotel Durham
Muse Unmasked Magical Afterparty
$18  .  Past

Muse Unmasked Magical Afterparty

$18  .  Past
Endorsed by Erin Greenawald

Join for the afterparty of the century, after The Muse Masqeruade and hosted by Everyday Magic.  Dance to live music from Nick Sanborn of Sylvan Esso, then head to the sacred space for witchy magic.

"Immediately Following The Muse Masquerade

Join Us For

Muse Unmasked

Hosted by Everyday Magic

12AM – 2AM

21c Museum Hotel Durham

Tickets for Muse Unmasked are on sale for $18 in advance, and will cost more at the door.


The afterparty of the century, following The Muse Masquerade (separate ticket required).



Nick Sanborn of Sylvan Esso performs as Made of Oak. We'll dance like there's no tomorrow:

The same phosphorescent weight found in Nick Sanborn's work as half of Sylvan Esso is manifest on Penumbra, Sanborn's debut EP under the name Made of Oak. Bittersweet hooks float through weighted bass while personal textures click, strum, and breathe, giving a tense intimacy to his melodies. Nick is an unconventional producer who combines these elements with deftness and tact, using a palette he has spent years creating. The results are catchy, aching, and deeply satisfying. Movements disappear and bloom again, threads unwind and rewind, melodies sink in and disperse as a new picture finds form. Moments of release are actually audible; the flawed sigh of a human pulse gratefully giving in to the mathematical throb of the beat. The result is a work of real-time conflict and upheaval.

While the music is studied and skilled, Penumbra's emotions are imperfect and wild. The listener will not be surprised to hear that this story first came into focus in a time of claustrophobia and stagnation. Penumbra follows the arc of Sanborn's movement through a period of doubt to one of actualization, as told in the present tense. Made of Oak is not an engineered rehabilitation, rather the emotional instinct to liberate himself from his own confining patterns and forge ahead; a result of discovering that it is impossible to have perspective on yourself if you're standing still. This private view gives the churn and swell of these songs great resonance: A picture of the ocean is much more unsettling when taken from it's shoreless center.


Everyday Magic is transforming the vault of 21c into a substance-free, sacred space intended for elevated alignment. The evening will include:

Intention Setting Spell + Group Ritual by Bakara and Christian 

Installation by intuitive artist Juliana Sabinson 

Debut album performance of "The Happy One" by Meihofer, an unplugged musical deep dive into the liminal space

Complimentary hand-crafted herbal refreshments by local hedge witch + legit scientist Traci Davis

Electric church rainbow room featuring the 8th and final goddess by Deanna Davenport

The early 2000's dance party of your fantasies to shake it the 

f- off before going home.

Please come ready to make magic. 


We encourage costumes for this event. From traditional Venetian masks and ruffles to industrial Steampunk apparel. Or channel the spirit of Halloween and let the otherworld guide you.

Whatever you wear, please be respectful. Guests wearing culturally appropriative costumes or violating indecent exposure laws will be asked to leave.


21c will offer valet parking service for $8 for the duration of the event. While there are a few parking decks within range, they'll fill quickly. Consider parking farther away and hailing a ride from your favorite rideshare or hovership.


Interested in supporting our mission to provide a ZERO-COMMISSION art haven to our community by sponsoring this event? Visit for info.


21c Museum Hotel Durham
111 North Corcoran St
Durham, NC 27701
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Saturday, October 27th, 11:59p - 2:00a
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