Let Your Pooch Play at The Dog Bar Dog Bar
Let Your Pooch Play at The Dog Bar
$  .  Today, 12:00p - 10:00p

Let Your Pooch Play at The Dog Bar

$  .  Today, 12:00p - 10:00p

Exactly what it sounds like—The Dog Bar is Charlotte's first and only off-leash dog-friendly bar. Let your pup lose, grab a beer and enjoy some quality time with your best friend.

By Chelsea Pieroni
The Dog Bar combines two awesome things, a bar and a dog park. While many modern pubs allow your pup to accompany you on a night out, The Dog Bar is the first and only place in the Queen City where Fido can let loose off the leash and play with other pups in a safe, fun environment. They'll run around on the indoor and outdoor astroturf while you'll grab cold pint of a tasty local beer and relax. In case the prospect of seeing lots of happy puppies wasn't good enough, The Dog Bar is especially cool because it takes care of two time constraints in one place—taking the dog for a walk and allowing yourself some much needed downtime with a good drink. So, come over, sit, stay and sip!

The Dog Bar requires a membership fee of $10 per dog. Well worth it!

Dog Bar
3307 N Davidson St
Charlotte, NC 28205
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12:00p - 10:00p

Sunday 12:00p - 10:00p
Monday 6:00p - 10:00p
Tuesday 6:00a - 10:00p
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