Learn Baking Magic at La Farm La Farm Bakery
Learn Baking Magic at La Farm La Farm Bakery
Learn Baking Magic at La Farm
$$$  .  Today, 7:00a - 8:00p

Learn Baking Magic at La Farm

$$$  .  Today, 7:00a - 8:00p

Bake, taste, learn and have fun exploring the world of baking. Enjoy the fun of learning how to bake from some of the most talented baking professionals in the United States.

Baking is an old-world trade that spans centuries, crosses cultures, and brings smiles to everyone it touches. La Farm's classes range from a detailed introduction to bread making to learning beginner knife skills such as mincing and dicing. Of course, their instructors present you with the necessary knowledge, but they really want you to have a deep understanding of the skills required for the process. As a yummy token of your class, you take home your own signature creations to share with everyone that matters!

About La Farm Bakery:

La Farm Bakery honors the ordinary yet extraordinary boulangeries that once flourished in every little town in France through continuing centuries-old baking traditions and techniques,. The La Farm Family welcomes you into their shop and into their kitchen, where they take pleasure in sharing recipes and secrets. Watch them form dough, toast granola and decorate tarte aux fraises. Then taste their artisan breads, tarts, pastries, sandwiches and specialty products and experience the taste of hundreds of years of French cuisine. Their European Hearth Oven was specially made by French craftsman, so you know you're getting the real deal.

La Farm Bakery
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