Hearty Sandwiches and High Class Gifts Parker and Otis
Hearty Sandwiches and High Class Gifts
$$  .  Today, 7:30a - 7:00p

Hearty Sandwiches and High Class Gifts

$$  .  Today, 7:30a - 7:00p

Peruse a well-curated selection of gifts or settle down on the Parker & Otis's porch with a finely crafted sandwich.

Parker & Otis describes itself as a restaurant and gift shop. They're not wrong, it is both of those things, but we think they're selling themselves short—they're so much more! They serve breakfast and lunch (dinner if you're interested in a sandwich before 7pm) and try to keep it local by sourcing coffee, eggs, bread and dairy from around the area. They make some mighty fine sandwiches and serve some pretty tasty morning bevs, in addition to all kinds of bottled sodas, random candies, pastries, chocolates, bottled wines and brews to take away. To top it all off, they have one of the best outdoor seating areas in town, with a wide patio framed by bright red railings, perfect for sipping and snacking over a book. It's a fun spot.

Now, onto the gift shop portion. If you don't have a lot of time on your hands, you'll need to be cautious when you walk in the door. P&O will suck you in. It's very possible to wander around their gift selection perusing perfectly packaged items, flipping through cook books, smelling candles and pondering knick knacks for hours on end. Everything is curated with care and of exquisite quality—even just browsing is a treat.

Parker and Otis
112 S Duke St
Durham, NC 27701
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7:30a - 7:00p

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