Goth Night: Love Like Blood The Wicked Witch
Goth Night: Love Like Blood
$10+  .  Past

Goth Night: Love Like Blood

$10+  .  Past

You're invited to the biggest goth night in town, with a special Valentine's Day twist! Get ready to get your grave rave on with DJ Dies Lot, and 20th Century Boy.

"A special Valentines Day edition of Goth Night for the dark-hearted. Come dance and engage in dusty rituals of courtship and despair.

DJ DIES A LOT and 20th Century Boy serve all the darkwave, goth, industrial, EBM you can handle, old and new.

Doors 10PM

21+ ten dollars

18+ fifteen dollars"

20th Century Boy and The Wicked Witch

The Wicked Witch
416 W South St
Raleigh, NC 27601
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Saturday, February 9th, 10:00p - 2:00a
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