Go For A Run On The Sycamore Trail Sycamore Parking
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Go For A Run On The Sycamore Trail Sycamore Parking
Go For A Run On The Sycamore Trail

Go For A Run On The Sycamore Trail

The Sycamore Trail is a 7.6 mile trail in the heart of William B. Umstead State Park.

The trailhead is located on the northern side (highway 70 entrance) of the park. You can stop in the Visitor Center and pick up a map and then continue on to the parking lot farther down the road to get closer to the trailhead.

If you follow the loop counterclockwise and take a right turn when you first descend down to Sycamore Creek you will see the remains of an old dam and may be able to get to Sycamore Lake. It is a very peaceful area and very quiet because it is not on any of the 'official' trails. The rocks in this area can be very slippery even when dry, so run with caution in this area.

About Sycamore Parking:

Tucked between the growing cities of Raleigh, Cary, Durham and the corporate world of Research Triangle Park is an oasis of tranquility, a peaceful haven. Here, two worlds merge as the sounds of civilization give way to the unhurried rhythm of nature. Highways fade in the distance as trees, flowers, birds and streams form a more natural community. William B. Umstead is a place to escape the pressures of everyday life, a place to picnic in the pines, to wait for a fish to bite, to take a hike or horseback ride on trails through the woods. William B. Umstead State Park is divided into two sections, Crabtree Creek and Reedy Creek, this 5,579-acre park is easily accessible from Interstate 40 and US 70.

Sycamore Parking
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