Get Your Yum On at Yama Izakaya Yama Izakaya
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Get Your Yum On at Yama Izakaya Yama Izakaya
Get Your Yum On at Yama Izakaya
$$  .  Today, 5:00p - 12:00a

Get Your Yum On at Yama Izakaya

$$  .  Today, 5:00p - 12:00a

Low key dining with high quality Japanese eats, drinks, seating.... and everything!

By Chelsea Pieroni
There's a new Japanese restaurant in town—look out! And by look out we mean be prepared to have your world rocked and changed forever because these flavorful meals will delight and taunt your tastebuds for more. We want you to be fully aware of that.

Izakaya is a Japanese tavern—with casual dining, merry drinking, sharing and enjoying a crescendo'd meal of tastes and portions. There's a set of traditional steps for each meal, and it goes a little like this: first, you order the beer. Second, you'll share an assortment of small plates, much like it is custom to do with Spanish tapas. In terms of the dishes themselves, you'll start off with something lighter to entertain the palate, like a salad or edamame. Then you'll move onto something more robust, like yakitori (skewered meat) or karaage (fried meat). Lastly, you'll indulge in some ramen or rice to cool you down and fill you up.

The decor is modern, angular, and elegant. The kind of place you go to to feel cooler by being surrounded by such a cool vibe. There's a bar with infinitely cool drinks, to be enjoyed whenever—after work, after dinner, after a break up—with some names like Ginger Gingertini, Pink Dragon, and Who Are Yuzu. We definitely want to find out more about that... Join us!

Yama Izakaya
1324 Central Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28205
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5:00p - 12:00a

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