Get Smashed at Smashed Waffles Smashed Waffles
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Get Smashed at Smashed Waffles Smashed Waffles
Get Smashed at Smashed Waffles
$  .  Today, 7:00a - 10:00p

Get Smashed at Smashed Waffles

$  .  Today, 7:00a - 10:00p

Two NC bros are bringing crazy smashed waffles to Hillsborough St. The menu is made up of waffle-wiches, candy covered waffles and ice cream waffle-wiches. Sugar coma here we come!

By Kelsey Van

MOUTH-WATERING VIDEO >> Dig Into Handheld, Snack Sized Waffles at Smashed Waffles Here's what you need to know: - Smash Waffles comes from two NC bros on a quest to make the best waffle ever tasted - Their creations are inspired by "their crazy personalities, childhood nostalgia, and good ol' fashioned 'scratch' cooking" - The Waffle Menu is broken down into the Famous Five, Waffle of the Week, Waffle-Wiches, Minis and Ice Cream Waffle-Wiches. - In addition to a waffle menu, they also have a full latte menu dressed up with flavors like Nutella, Peanut Butter Syrup and Frosted Cinnamon Roll Syrup. You can order all drinks hot, iced or blended - Everything has a fun name. Think: The Nutjob, The Pretty Boy, The Kumbaya, The Cereal Thriller Why SMASHED? "The process that gave us our name. Unlike traditional batter based waffles, our uniquely crafted waffles are lovingly rolled into dough balls and then SMASHED in our premium cast iron waffle press. We bake each waffle until they're golden brown to ensure a caramelized outer shell and a fluffy inside. In order to serve insanely delicious waffles, we must provide insanely delicious toppings. Whether it's one of our Famous Five Sweet Waffles or some of our Savory Smashed-Wiches, each waffle is finished off with the most insane flavor combinations known to the modern world." - Smash Waffles

Smashed Waffles
2304 Hillsborough St
Raleigh, NC 27607
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