Embark on the Ultimate Summer Craft Cocktail Tour The Vino Affair
Embark on the Ultimate Summer Craft Cocktail Tour
$30  .  Past

Embark on the Ultimate Summer Craft Cocktail Tour

$30  .  Past

Explore Charlotte one drink at a time with the Liberate Your Palate Cocktail Tour. The self-guided tour features the best handcrafted cocktails in the city. Grab a passbook and each drink is just $5.

By Kelsey Van
Liberate Your Palate is on a mission to bring the best cocktail experiences to people in the Queen City. So, from July 29–September 5, with a Passbook, you can hop from spot to spot sampling a curated selection of the city's best handcrafted drinks. There are 30 locations participating, a book is $30 and each drink is $5. If you visit all 30, that's a steal! Locations include Crepe Cellar, Kindred, Kid Cashew, Passion 8, Pint Central, The Gallery and many more.

"The idea is simple, with the purchase of a Passbook, craft cocktail enthusiasts receive a pocket-sized booklet filled with $5 cocktail specials at participating locations in the city. Think of the Liberate Your Palate Craft Cocktail Tour as a sophisticated cocktail scavenger hunt for the epicurean craft lover.

As you travel around the city ordering cocktails, a bartender will redeem your drink special by punching your Passbook, similar to International Customs but way more fun.

Use your Passbook for a new way to discover unique and independent local establishments in your city one craft cocktail at a time, all summer long." –Liberate Your Palate

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