Do the Time Warp at Rialto's Rocky Horror The Rialto Theatre
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Do the Time Warp at Rialto's Rocky Horror

$6.50  .  Monthly on the 1st Friday

If you're not easily spooked and like a little underwear running to accompany an evening at the theater, head to the Rialto for one of our fave cult classics.

By Owen Stone

Originally produced in the 70's, Rocky Horror Picture show, a musical-comedy-horror film, has been intriguing moviegoers for decades. With a zany blend of science fiction and bizarre dialogues, it is good the first or the fortieth time you see it, and nothing sets the stage for this story better than Raleigh's oldest theater. The show occurs every 1st, 3rd and 5th Friday of the month and kicks off at midnight, but don't worry—you'll stay awake as audience members are encouraged to participate. Just make sure you're following the basic rules. The guys at the Rialto also suggest showing up at 11:30 with your $6.50 (cash, Visa, or MC) ready to go. Don't be surprised to see some whacky clothes and perhaps even an underwear run. Happy Rocky Horror, everybody!

The Rialto Theatre
1620 Glenwood Ave
Raleigh, NC 27608
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Friday, November 2nd,
Monthly on the 1st Friday
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