Craft Your Own Kombucha at Ramble Supply Co.
123 E Martin St, Raleigh
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Join Ramble Supply Co. & Piedmont Picnic Project for a class on DIY Kombucha and Ginger Bug soda. That's right, you'll be learning all about fermenting your own healthy sodas while sipping cocktails.

Ramble Supply Co. and Piedmont Picnic Project present Elixir of Life Fermented Sodas Workshop, a class dedicated to the craft of brewing two different fermented sodas chockfull of healthy benefits. You'll learn two techniques in the class: fermenting using a kombucha SCOBY, which they will provide, and fermenting by growing your own ginger bug. The class will start with a sampling session of different fermented sodas made with locally foraged fruits and herbs before diving into the learning and the making.

You'll also take home all the basics (a fermentation vessel + swing-top bottle for the finished product, personalized fermentation cover cloth SCOBY starter) and your first batch of tea! Space is limited! RSVP at

Ramble Supply Co.
123 E Martin St
Raleigh, NC 27601
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