Chickpeas & Spices Galore at Cilantro Cilantro Indian Cafe
Chickpeas & Spices Galore at Cilantro
$  .  Today, Closed Today

Chickpeas & Spices Galore at Cilantro

$  .  Today, Closed Today

Named for one of the tastiest herbs in the world, Cilantro Indian Café epitomizes the notion of '100% tasty'.

No matter what flavor you wanna savor—sweet, sour, spicy, umami if you dig that—we bet you Cilantro can satisfy with their diverse menu of classic Indian cuisine.

Get your world rocked by rice, naan, spices, and everything in between. Hard to pick something off the menu—it's all delicious! If samosas, tamarind sauce, biryani, tikka masala and dopioza sound like your thing, then you can probably pick something at random and fall in love. A must-try that's a little off the map is the moroccan hummus: mashed chickpeas that come with tasty Roghani naan—a yeasty relative to typical tandoori naan and pita bread. Basically, whatever you pick off their menu is gonna be big and big on those oh-so-scrumptious spices, whether it's off the "If You're in a Hurry" menu or a leisurely dinner their hip, modern space.

Cilantro Indian Cafe
107 Edinburgh S Dr #Suite 107
Cary, NC 27511
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