Charlotte Burger Week Charlotte
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Charlotte Burger Week Charlotte
Charlotte Burger Week
$6+  .  Past

Charlotte Burger Week

$6+  .  Past

Enjoy one whole week dedicated to burgers around the Queen City. Try them all for just $6 a pop, and decide for yourself who serves up the best burgers in town.

"Elevate Lifestyle and iHeart Media presents the 3rd Annual CLT Burger Week :: July 16 through 22

Have you been waiting to take a bite out of the Queen City's burger scene?

Ever wondered where the best burgers in Charlotte were hiding? 

Wait no longer! We've unearthed the hidden gems of Charlotte's best burgers and dusted off some local all-time favorite burger joints to take part in CLT Burger Week. Feed your appetite for culinary adventure on a week-long journey as you chomp through the best burgers that Charlotte has to offer! 

Starting Monday, July 16 you can take a bite out of Charlotte's burger scene for just $6 a specialty, craft or gourmet burger. Not only will you get to spend a whole week eating $6 burgers, you can help us on our quest to find the best burger in town by voting for one of our 40+ participating restaurants.

Locals and visitors alike will be able to try some of the best burgers, these burgers will be unique and available just for this one week, so don't miss out. Hey feel free to order several burgers amongst friends and split them three to four ways, then do the same at the next restaurant. Dig in to support your hard-working local chefs, line cooks, wait staff and an awesome group of selected independent restaurants who make Charlotte taste great.



Charlotte, NC 28207
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Monday, July 16th – Sunday, July 22nd
10:00a - 12:00p

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