Break L.A. : 2 vs 2 Bboy / Bgirl Battle Imurj
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Break L.A. : 2 vs 2 Bboy / Bgirl Battle Imurj
Break L.A. : 2 vs 2 Bboy / Bgirl Battle
$5+  .  Past

Break L.A. : 2 vs 2 Bboy / Bgirl Battle

$5+  .  Past
Endorsed by Tess Howard

Strive LA and Raleigh Rockers present Break LA. It is a 2 vs 2 break dancing battle, the winner will receive $500 cash, paid flights to LA, and an automatic spot in Concrete All Stars anniversary.

"Strive LA & Raleigh Rockers present:

BREAK LA - NC Edition!

BREAK LA is an event created by Strive LA and Concrete All Stars to maintain and raise true bboy culture in a scene full of large corporate sponsored competitions. After 3 years of throwing the rawest jams in LA, CA, BREAK LA is finally going on tour! Concrete All Stars and Raleigh Rockers Crew are proud to present to you, the first ever BREAK LA - NC edition! Come peep the west coast flavor with the Carolina soul.

HOSTS: Casper & Kata

DJ: Yaks, DJ Toonz & Dj Micky Slicks

JUDGES: Metal, Smurf & No Cents


Winners get $500 cash + paid flights to LA and an automatic spot in the Concrete All Stars anniversary


Invite only 7 to Smoke but with drinks! Instead of points, if you win a round, you get 2 seconds to chug. First person to finish all their beers wins. Winner gets $100 cash and a pack of backwoods.

Doors open at 7pm

Prelims start at 8pm

All ages welcome

$10 cash general admission

$5 cash to battle"

Imurj - The Artists' Cafe and Raleigh Rockers - Crew and Brandon McCrimmon and Andrew Kata Ngo and Samuel Nakama and Juan F. Matta

300 S McDowell St
Raleigh, NC 27601
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Saturday, March 23rd, 7:00p - 1:00a
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