Backpacking 101: What’s In My Pack? Blue Blaze Brewing
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Backpacking 101: What’s In My Pack? Blue Blaze Brewing
Backpacking 101: What’s In My Pack?
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Backpacking 101: What’s In My Pack?

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Endorsed by Tess Howard

The great outdoors are an amazing, yet difficult place to navigate. Especially when doing overnight backpacking trips. Learn about everything you should have in your pack from experienced hikers.

"The great outdoors can be a wonderful place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and stresses from everyday life. However, spending time in the wilderness, especially doing overnight backpacking trips, can be difficult and unnerving, not to mention dangerous, to those new to the experience. Here at Blue Blaze Brewing, we want to encourage folks to get outside and experience the serenity of nature by providing tips on safety and backpacking techniques. We are excited to be hosting monthly backpacking workshops with experienced backpacker and Appalachian Trail thru hiker, Heidi Nisbett.

Join us on Sunday, February 17 along with Charlotte's Great Outdoor Provisions Co. as we go over basic gear needed for backpacking and the many options available in today's market. Heidi will be going through the gear she carried on her thru hike, explaining why she chose what she did, the pros and cons of different products, and what gear changes she made along the way. What works for one person doesn't work for everyone, so we have invited Great Outdoor Provision Company to join us with a variety of products they offer in their stores. Learn more about top brands, try on a few packs, and ask us any questions you can think of!

Participation for this event is FREE. The purchase of a beer or two (or three) is appreciated. This workshop is open to experienced backpackers and newbies alike. We hope to see you there!"

Blue Blaze Brewing and Heidi Nisbett

Blue Blaze Brewing
528 S Turner Ave
Charlotte, NC 28208
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Sunday, February 17th, 4:00p - 5:00p
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