Autumn S24O Campout at Old Milburnie Farm Old Milburnie Farm
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Autumn S24O Campout at Old Milburnie Farm Old Milburnie Farm
Autumn S24O Campout at Old Milburnie Farm
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Autumn S24O Campout at Old Milburnie Farm

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Endorsed by Tess Howard

Get ready to haul your sack to this all-inclusive campout. The route is about 10 miles through neighborhoods and paved greenways to get to the campground, where you will spend the night.

"WE ARE ASKING ALL WHO PLAN TO PARTICPATE TO RSVP VIA EVENTBRITE. You can do so through this FB group or go to


Autumn is the best time to go camping! This will probably be our last group bike campout for the year, so join us on Saturday November 10th. We will be meeting at the shop (212 East Franklin St, 27604) at 5pm. We will promptly depart at 5:30pm. The route is aproximately 10 miles (SHORT RIDE) on neighborhood roads and paved greenway. IT WILL BE DARK. PLEASE HAVE YOUR LIGHTS CHARGED UP AND READY TO GO!

All riders are expected to haul their own gear and bring their own food and water. There is water at the campsite as well as facilities.

This is an ALL INCLUSIVE campout. All riders of all backgrounds and experience are encouraged to join the fun! We will ensure any new or hesitant riders are kept with the group. This is also a family friendly event. Pet allowances TBD.

Our campsites are safe spaces. To ensure that every participant feels this way, we will be offering a secondary site at the farm where all women, trans, femme, non-binary riders as well as any mother with a child or children have the option set up and spend the night. No dudes allowed at this site!

Since the farm is so generously allowing us to camp, we will be collecting a suggested donation of $5 from each participant.

Ground rules:

- LIGHTS OUT AT MIDNIGHT. All must be quiet by this time. No exceptions.

- All bluetooth speakers and radios are not allowed. If you bring one of these and play them, you will be asked to turn it off.

- No weapons. Knives larger than a pocket knife are not allowed and will be confiscated.

- Alcohol is permitted, but please be aware of the amount you consume. You will be tossed in the lake if you get too loose.

- In the eyes of the law, drugs are illegal.

- You must dispose of all of your trash in proper recepticals. Do not dump or rinse food out on to the grounds.

- Pack out what you pack in.

- Be mindful and respectful of others who are also camping. This is an opportunity to have a fun and peaceful time."

Oak City Cycling Project and Kathryn Rende

Old Milburnie Farm
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