A BLT so Delicious it's Dangerous Merritt's Store & Grill
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A BLT so Delicious it's Dangerous Merritt's Store & Grill
A BLT so Delicious it's Dangerous
$  .  Today, 7:00a - 7:00p

A BLT so Delicious it's Dangerous

$  .  Today, 7:00a - 7:00p

Merritt's is said to be the 'Home of the World Famous BLT.' If you need proof, show up on a busy Saturday, when they sell nearly 700 BLTs, and have a 30-minute wait looping out the door.

Merritt's Store and Grill has mastered the simple, southern sandwich. The BLT is what they're famous for, and it's a sandwich not to be missed. A sign hangs in the front window spelling out the recipe: "Sourdough, BaconBaconBacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Sourdough." You can order it as a single, a double or a triple. Yes, this means a triple is going to be loaded with NINE slices of bacon. If you aren't in the mood for a BLT, their menu is packed with Southern favorites such as Pimento Cheese, Fried Bologna, BBQ and Egg Salad sandwiches. Rumor has it their burgers are just as good as their BLTs. So, it's delicious, but why is it dangerous? A woman was once pulled over for failing to break at a traffic stop because of how distractingly delicious her Merritt's BLT was. Dine and drive at your own risk. Tip: If you're craving something a little more creative, add avocado to your BLT.

About Merritt's Store & Grill:

Merritt’s opened its doors in 1929 and little has changed since. The intoxicatingly old-timey feel makes you feel as if you’re stepping back in time and you might even catch yourself saying “folks” or going on about “the good ole days” while you’re there. The coolers lining the walls are stocked with glass bottled Coke, Cheerwine and a diverse selection of beer. Occasionally, Merritt’s hosts “Banjos and BLTs,” inviting you to enjoy your meal while listening to a string band pick some tunes.

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