7,000 Acres of Beauty: The Duke Forest Duke Forest
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7,000 Acres of Beauty: The Duke Forest Duke Forest
7,000 Acres of Beauty: The Duke Forest
Free  .  Today, 8:00a - 6:00p

7,000 Acres of Beauty: The Duke Forest

Free  .  Today, 8:00a - 6:00p

Clocking in at nearly twice the size of the Eno River State Park, the Duke Forest is an amazing local gem that usually overshadowed by the more recognized state parks but has plenty to offer.

Though there is more pristine hiking to be found in the Triangle, Duke Forest has plenty to offer. You can find information about its trails online in addition to a few maps. With such a vast size, it's hard to single out many overarching characteristics except for the diversity itself--there's a good variety of terrain to keep you interested! Many of the primary trails are wide, gravelly types, but there are also moderately challenging offshoots of main trails that include rocks, roots, steep inclines, felled trees, stream-crossings, and all the good stuff that an outdoor lover appreciates. If you're a little more timid on the trail, don't fear! There's nothing so steep that you get bogged down by it. The trail system is divided up into manageable, single sections around 1-1.5 miles, so the more ambitious hiker / runner will need to string together a few different trails for a longer path. The forest is divided up into 6 divisions, 4 of which lie within the triangle formed by Durham, Chapel Hill, and Hillsborough. We recommend the Korstian division for the best trails. About the Venue Measuring over 7,000 acres and Stretching across Durham, Orange, and Alamance counties, Duke Forest has been managed for teaching and research purposes since 1931. Numerous forest types and ecosystems, soils, and previous land uses are represented on the forest. It is a resource unparalleled by any other university for its size, accessibility, length of management, and accumulation of long-term data (since 1931).

Duke Forest
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