Headed to Sweet Charlie's? Here's Everything You Need to Know

Sweet Charlies is one of our Premium partners for Durham, so we headed over there to get the DL on how to have the best experience possible. Whether you're Premium or not, read on to learn why it’s awesome, what dishes not to miss, and pro tips for making the most of your time (and moolah). 

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Sweet Charlie’s 101

Not that we’re complaining, but the Rolled Ice Cream trend has been around for a minute now. Just when we thought we’d gotten our fill, along came Sweet Charlie's. They've got a signature item, the Tall Charlie ($7), that's so unique, it has it’s very own patent. We'll get more into that later but in the meantime, know that it involves local donuts and you may have to unhinge your jaw to eat it...

Sweet Charlie’s started in Philly and expanded nationwide, quickly becoming the country’s largest rolled ice cream shop for good reason. This is NC’s first spot, family-owned by Durham natives with a serious passion for their product. These guys have upped the ante with incredibly fresh and creamy hand-rolled ice cream (plus frozen yogurt and a non-dairy option), in addition to liege waffles on a stick, coffee, and milkshakes—all made-to-order and full of your favorite fixins.

But what really sets these guys apart is the authenticity of their ingredients. Their Belgian Waffles are made with ingredients imported straight from Belgium, and all their dairy is brought in on the reg sans preservatives, powdered nonsense, and any other faux ingredients. In fact, Sweet Charlie's might be the only ice cream spot with no freezer on-site; the first and only time your dessert gets frozen is when you order it. The result? A richer, creamier, denser treat that may ruin you for all other rolled ice cream. 

What to Order

Get ready to enjoy hand-rolled, premium, made-to-order ice cream (plus frozen yogurt and vegan soy!) complete with unlimited toppings. 

Here’s a quick rundown of how to order your rolled ice cream ($7):

  1. Choose your base (standard ice cream, fat-free frozen yogurt, vegan soy)

  2. Pick your vehicle (classic cup, warm Belgian waffle, local Early Bird donut)

  3. *Try* and choose from one of their 10 tried-and-true flavor combos. Their most popular options are the oreo-heavy Wonder-Filled and the Namaste, made with strawberry cheesecake. We’re personally most partial to the Love Park since it’s got chocolate and peanut butter-filled pretzels.
    -OR- go off-menu and DIY your dessert! You do you. 

  4. Go topping wild—you can have as many as you want and there’s everything from marshmallows roasted-to-order, to honey, fresh fruit, and more.

Their patented Tall Charlie ($7) stuffs a 4-inch tall ice cream roll, into 6-inch long glazed doughnut from Durham’s Early Bird Donuts. It’s a sight to see and well worth straining your jaw to eat. 

If you don’t want to risk brain-freeze, opt for a warm Belgian waffle ($7) that’s made fresh to order. These are authentic, melt-in-your-mouth Liege waffles, made completely in-house with imported beet-sugar straight from Belgium. Served on a stick and topped with all the goods, these babies put Eggos to shame. 

They’ve also got La Colombe cold-draft lattes, coffees, and cappuccinos should the impending sugar-rush not put enough pep in your step. 

Pro Tips

  • They can cater (and deliver)! Call the store for deets. 

  • This Sweet Charlie’s knows what’s up: you won’t see it listed on the menu but they’ve got straight up Reese's peanut butter available. You can get it mixed in or used as a topping. Hallelujah. 

  • Keep an eye out for Waffle Wednesdays when you’ll score $2 off any waffle. 


Headed to Sweet Charlie's? Here's Everything You Need to Know
Headed to Sweet Charlie's? Here's Everything You Need to Know