The Triangle is Getting Its First Shake Shack, Y'all!

Shake Shack—the mega (delicious) burger chain that launched in NYC and has since grown to 200+ locations worldwide—is planning to open its first Triangle location in Waverly Place in Cary, and we're kind of freaking out. 

Shake Shack will be opening on August 21 at 11a. The restaurant will also be built using recycled and sustainable materials, including funky table tops make from reclaimed bowling alley lanes and a giant patio.

For those of you who haven't gotten to taste Shake Shack's food before, here's what you can expect:

  • Burgers made from house-ground meat in a proprietary blend that are pressed onto the hot grill to create a crisp-surfaced, diner-style patty. These are then topped with a special Shack Sauce that's the perfect combo of all your favorite burger toppings (mayo, ketchup, and mustard with a little bit of pickling brine, if you're to believe the recipe in their cookbook—though we imagine there are other secret ingredients they aren't divulging). All served on a pillowy potato bun. 

  • Chicken sandwiches (look out, Chick-fil-A), hot dogs, and a Portabello burger if you're in the mood for something a little different. 
  • Crinkle cut french fries that we 100% recommend getting drenched in their cheddar-American cheese sauce. 

  • Frozen custard, which you can get on its own, in a milkshake, or have whipped up with any number of delicious mix-ins for a concrete.

  • Special treats just for your pup, including house made dog cookies and even a "Pooch-ini" doggy sundae made with their vanilla concrete. 
  • Beer and wine served on-site (including several local breweries and the ShackMeister Ale made just for them by Brooklyn Brewery), because who doesn't want a brew with your burger? 

Shake Shack also tends to work with local businesses to create specialty menu items unique to each location. Cary will be getting a frozen custard concrete blended with seasonal pies from East Durham Bake Shop and "The Cary Cookie Crumble," a concrete blended with marshmallow sauce, cookie butter, and a crumbled sugar cone. 

The Triangle is Getting Its First Shake Shack, Y'all!
The Triangle is Getting Its First Shake Shack, Y'all!