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Millennials, Businesses & Hustlers are Flocking to Durham — Here’s Why

It’s no secret Bull City is on the up and up—the former tobacco town has turned itself into a place to be. With growing skylines, an incredible talent pipeline (hello Duke, UNC and NCSU), plus a downtown bustling with big names in food, drink and culture, it’s easy to see why major players are choosing Durham. 

Let’s countdown the reasons why Durham is on the up-and-up:

1. Durham (and the surrounding Triangle) is ranked as one of the top 15 best places to live in the US.

We all know life isn’t all work and no play, so where you settle down and spend your free time matters. Durham comes in at #13 for the top spots to live because of its high quality of life. Green spaces, museums and buzzy art and music scene with summer festivals and concerts make it hard not to fall in love with the culture of the city. Plus, when you’ve been named the “The South’s Tastiest Town” and “the food capital of the South”, you know the eating and drinking ain’t too shabby either. 

photo: @thestrivinganomaly

2. Durham ranks as one of the top 10 cities to start a biz.

When WalletHub compared the relative startup opportunities in more than 180 U.S. cities, Durham ranked as #5. Yes, that means our beautiful Bull City beat out the likes of big dogs like LA, Denver and Nashville. It seems like a no-brainer to take your blossoming biz to the place you’re going to find success. And it's hard not to notice with all the thriving businesses like Bee Downtown and new openings galore like Hutchins Garage and County Fare.

photo: @estlinhaiss

3. Durham is ranked as the top city for millennials

Maybe you’re sick of hearing “millennials this” and “millennials that”, but you’re gonna wanna perk up for this one—Durham is the #1 spot for millennials. So what makes a city prime for millennials? Growella looked at factors like how many entry-level jobs are available, how many young people live in a city, commute time, after-work and weekend scene and how far a paycheck takes you. 

Durham is already bustling with young blood, but now that word’s out that Bull City is the place to be, expect all of those new apartments that have been under construction to fill up in a flash.

photo: @estlinhaiss

4. Durham just keeps growing

Stats show that about 20 people are moving to Durham every. single. day. It’s hard to fathom that growth, but we’re here for it. And it’s not just the population that’s growing, new construction is popping up at every turn. Last we checked, there were more than 600,000 sq. feet of office space under construction in Durham (including One City Center).

Just think about all the new businesses and ideas that have been introduced this year. The skyline is growing with the addition of huge projects like One City Center, new eateries are opening every other week, and trailblazing projects like the Durham Food Hall are all putting Durham on the map.

photo: @onecitycenter

And the proof is in the pudding with WeWork moving into One City Center. 

WeWork, a global company that’s been redefining the way people live, work and play since 2010. They’ve got a reputation for setting up shop exclusively in cities with the most creative, most entrepreneurial businesses—so naturalllllly, they picked Durham as the next place to plant their flag.

photo: @wework

WeWork is on a mission to make you look forward to Mondays and we have to admit, they've made a very strong case. WeWork is moving into One City Center (you can already tell they have good taste) and bringing breathtaking space for everyone from freelancers to Fortune 500s.

photo: @wework

WeWork also knows how to make movers and shakers feel more than at home with next-level perks like free yoga, happy hours and inspirational lunch + learns. On the daily, you’ll have unlimited access to craft beer on tap, micro-roasted coffee and fresh fruit-infused water. The space is dog-friendly (yes, really!), and they can even hook you up with affordable health insurance under their umbrella organization. Hallelujah.

And let’s not forget about the importance of aesthetics in this Instagram age. Forget soul-sucking fluorescents and drab carpeting, every WeWork we’ve seen so far has been absolute eye candy. So while the Durham space is still under wraps, we’re pretty confident it’s going to be the stuff of Insta-dreams. Picture cozy reading nooks, glass walls, natural light, custom art and clean, stylish furnishings. Simply put: it’s design that inspires.

photo: @wework

And it’s all going down in the thick of downtown Durham in the Triangle's newest skyscraper, One City Center. Located on the corner of Main and Corcoran Street, you're within walking distance of Durham’s hottest spots. Why trek out to the outskirts for of town for your 9-5 when you can be a part of the rising tide of downtown businesses. We’re still waiting on the details about what other tenants will be moving into the building, but it’s safe to say a place this gorgeous will be attracting some badass businesses.

Wanna see it IRL? Book a tour today (you might just be able to take advantage of early bird pricing). 

PS. If you haven't heard Offline and WeWork are making (and buying) the rounds this summer. Keep your eye out for the next event to score drinks on us.

Millennials, Businesses & Hustlers are Flocking to Durham — Here’s Why
Millennials, Businesses & Hustlers are Flocking to Durham — Here’s Why