If You’re Just Going to This Durham Spot for All-Day Breakfast You Are Seriously Missing Out

Now don’t get us wrong, we love an all-day breakfast sitch and it takes a lot for us to decline 6pm pancakes (plus, this spot does really kill it). But Jack Tar and the Colonel’s Daughter serves up kickass, diner-inspired fare that’s SO stepped-up, it’ll make you reconsider your standard Eggs Benedict order (no shade on the Eggs Benny, it’ll always hold a place near and dear to our hearts, but let’s shake things up a bit, shall we?) 

In the past year since they’ve been open, Jack Tar and the Colonel’s Daughter has quickly established itself as a go-to Bull City brunch spot; rightfully so. But their all-day, scratch-made menu, after-5 dishes and creative cocktails (that they shake up from their secret bar, no less) are definitely deserving of some love too. Plus, they’ve got a bunch of new menu items coming up and with everything from Roasted Bone Marrow ($12) to Vegan Cheesesteaks ($15), Fried-to-Order Crullers ($9) and craft cocktails served all day. Read on to learn how to nab a killer meal here, morning, noon or night.

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It’s All Durm-Style and Diner-Inspired

In true Durham form, everything at Jack Tar is made in-house—and boy, do we mean everything: these guys bake their own bread, pies and pastries, cure their own ham, and make their own cheese. While they’ve got their mainstays, they also regularly change their menu to fit the season. 

Their all-day menu means you’re guaranteed a gorgeous meal, any time of day. Looking for solid Double Cheeseburger ($13) at 9am (no judgment)? It’s yours. Craving a Breakfast Sandwich ($10) at 10pm? With its turducken sausage, teleme cheese, and a smashed fried egg, we don’t blame you. Donuts made just for you? Don't mind if we do. 

Their classic diner items stay fresh with a touch of modern flair and, and they’re always adding new, of-the-moment dishes that’ll have you drooling. Case in point? The East Coast Mussels ($13) come with butternut squash and a saffron cream sauce that’ll have you licking the bowl clean, and the Roasted Bone Marrow ($12) is melt-in-your-mouth good. 

And pro-tip, if you get there for dinner, order the Steak Frites ($23) off their signature “After 5” menu. Topped with bone marrow butter and flavor-packed wine sauce, it’s on par with anything you’d find at a fancy-pants steakhouse. Just be sure you save room for one of the drool-worthy homemade desserts. 

They’ve Got a Bunch of Irresistible New Menu Items 

Just in time to ruin New Year’s Resolutions Triangle wide, Jack Tar has premiered a few new items for 2019 that are just too good to pass up. 

photo: @jnkpublicrelations

  • Chicken + Bubbles Sunday Supper ($24/$44+): Jack Tar is sprucing up Sunday nights by forgoing their regular dinner specials for the Chef’s personal childhood fave: extra crispy, freshly-fried chicken. Served family-style alongside a rotating menu of elevated southern-inspired sides, these birds are best enjoyed with a bottle of bubbly. Jack Tar’s taking the guesswork out of pairing, offering expertly curated glasses and bottles that are cause for celebration in and of themselves. 
  • Irish Coffee ($11): Cozy up with this warming cocktail featuring hand-whipped, Bailey’s-infused whipped cream that is definitely more booze than cream.

  • Jelly Donut ($3): Fried-fresh every day, this pillowy yeast donuts encase the perfect amount of homemade jam and served with a light dusting of powdered sugar. 

There’s a Hidden Bar You Probably Don’t Know About

photo: @jnkpublicrelations 

From the street, it’s easy to see Jack Tar’s sleek interior dining room and open kitchen. But swing a hard right on your way in and you’ll find yourself in a very different spot. Welcome to The Colonel’s Daughter: the secret, speakeasy-inspired bar that runs alongside the interior of Jack Tar. They serve Jack Tar’s full menu, and you can watch the bartenders shake, stir and serve up some super creative drinks (most cost ~$10). Totally tucked away, this cozy bar might just be the perfect spot to hide out and hibernate for winter. 

They’re getting ready to debut their very own red table wine, aptly named Jaques Tar. It’s an easy drinking vino that def gets bonus points for its clever branding. 

And—like everything else at Jack Tar—all of The Colonel’s Daughter drinks use fresh, homemade ingredients. Take the Tres Amigos ($12) for example, where you get a Modelo with a salted rim, a shot of tequila and a shot of housemade sangrita, a super traditional chaser, oft accompanied with high-end tequilas. While it looks like tomato juice, it actually gets is signature red color from chiles, pomegranates and lemon juice. 

And It’s Not Iconic for Nothing (Yes, We’re Talking About Brunch) 

Any Durhamite worth their weight in salt should know about Jack Tar’s brunch by now. But if you don’t, we’ll give you the quick ‘n dirty rundown: EVERYTHING IS AMAZING. You can nab a picturesque slice of Avocado Toast ($10) with pickled chilled and fried shallots; a bowl of Puy Lentils ($10) with roasted tomato, fennel and soft-boiled egg; or keep it simple with a short-stack of JT Pancakes ($9). 

The house-smoked Ham + Eggs ($16) is a sight to see (not to mention taste), the Chilaquiles Divorciados ($11) feature slow-braised chicken, avocado and sunny eggs over tortilla chips, and their new Tofu Scramble ($11) will make you feel like you’re living your best life. Take note that these items are *only* available during brunch service so get ‘em while you can.

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If You’re Just Going to This Durham Spot for All-Day Breakfast You Are Seriously Missing Out
If You’re Just Going to This Durham Spot for All-Day Breakfast You Are Seriously Missing Out