Headed to Big C Waffles? Here's Everything You Need to Know

Big C Waffles is one of our March Premium partners for Durham, so we headed over there to get the DL on how to have the best experience possible. Whether you're Premium or not, read on to learn why Big C Waffles is awesome, what dishes not to miss, and pro tips for making the most of your time (and moolah). 

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Big C Waffles 101

Name a more iconic Southern duo than chicken and waffles. We'll wait.

In the meantime, let's talk about our new crush, Big C Waffles.

Big C gained local fame as a food truck, churning out crispy fried chicken and waffles with creative flair. Now they’ve also got a brick-and-mortar with both a drive-through and outdoor picnic tables. Call ahead and swing through for waffles on-the-go, or bring the kiddies out on a nice day and let ‘em play with the makeshift basketball court on premise. 

Big C is a laid-back, no-nonsense kind of place with generous portions that give you a tons of bang for your buck. It’s not fancy, but in-the-know locals will swear up and down that it doesn’t need to be. It’s homestyle food that’s authentically Durham—a hidden gem of spot with a cult following for a damn good reason. 

What to Order

Since we like to try everything (and def not because we’re chronically non-committal), we suggest opting for the Big C Dunks, which let’s you mix and match two flavors. There are seven waffle flavors in all, so why limit yourself?! You can choose between Donut (made with an entire donut inside), Bacon Egg N Cheese, Pecan, Red Velvet, Sweet Potato, Blueberry, and Thin Mint. The only issue is selecting which two you want to try. They’re all crispy on the outside, and fluffy on the inside. We honestly couldn’t pick a favorite. 

Uncle Wayne’s Chicken is another must-try. Picture homestyle wings, seasoned and fried to golden-brown perfection. Wash it all down with a cup of homemade Granny B Kool-Aid. It’s vibrantly colored, sugary AF, and surprisingly effective at making you feel like a kid again. 

Pro Tips 

  • There’s no indoor seating here, so if you want to chow down immediately on site, prepare to dine al fresco. 

  • If you happen to work nearby (or even if you don’t), Big C makes for an awesome sad-desk lunch substitute. Mid-week brunch is a guaranteed pick-me-up. Bonus points for if  you get there on a nice day when you can sit outside and escape those fluorescent lights for a bit. 

  • Ace breakfast-in-bed by calling ahead, swooping by to pick up your order, and getting right back under the covers. If you re-plate it right, you can also probably fool your S.O. into thinking you slaved away that AM.

  • The waffles reheat well. Just throw ‘em in the toaster and you're back to golden. 

Headed to Big C Waffles? Here's Everything You Need to Know
Headed to Big C Waffles? Here's Everything You Need to Know